3D render of an astronaut standing in front of an LED volume wall of space


Our clients are utilizing the power of virtual production to revolutionize the film, television, and commercial markets. Film anywhere in the world, any time of day… from one location. Our stages were designed to cater to diverse production and industry needs. Speak with one of our experts to help determine which stage type will serve you best.


Cinematic volume stages seamlessly blend physical sets with digital environments, allowing filmmakers to push beyond traditional boundaries with limitless storytelling potential. With advanced LED walls and real-time rendering in Unreal Engine, our stages add enhanced realism and depth of perspective to any environment imaginable. Actors can see the environment and operators can adjust the finished product in real-time, increasing the authenticity and efficiency of every scene.


Car processing stages bring automotive shoots off the road and into the future. These stages create a perfectly controlled, safe, and tailored environment, without the headaches of weather delays, street closures, travel expenditures, and numerous other traditional roadblocks to moving-vehicle shoots. Motorized panels and rolling side walls allow us to configure these stages to work perfectly with vehicles of all sizes.


Commercial tabletop stages serve as the perfect setting for broadcast and product shoots. Virtual set extensions and practical set pieces add depth beyond the stage boundaries, while giving on-air talent the opportunity to authentically interact with their surroundings. These stages are also ideal for motion capture in video games as well as in-camera metahumans and animation.